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and they keep repeating the same god damn thing.

Fo real. Ughhh -_____________-

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It’s been a stressful fall quarter, and season. Keeping up with homework, work, and extra curriculum activities. Very exhausting… let me tell you. But I’ve got my head up. No time to waste. To be honest: I just want to be done with Ai. I just want to leave Minnesota. I don’t belong here. I really don’t. Can a fairy just give me money so I can travel the world? Or at least help pay for school???? I would appreciate that. But I’ve got to thinking, I can’t wait to go get my masters in 2 years. I’ll be in a new country —- and I will fall in love, I just know it. The only countries I’ve been to is Laos and Thailand. I just want to travel and be around different people. Anyways, I’m excited for Thursday. I get to see my fambam and cousins. I’m sure they have all matured and changed. But no matter what, I love them to death. I hope they feel the same way. 

I try my hardest to please everyone, but I’ve realized… my happiness comes first than anything else…

Good Night,


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I heart Monday Nights. 

It’s what I call “Homework days.”

I have Coconut Mango Tea brewing, candles lit, and a Thai Drama on. 

I’m all set for an all nighter of studying. 

Enjoy your night everyone :)

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So maybe I offended you in the last post. But it was how I felt. Feel free to disregard it.

Sorry if I did, innocent ones.

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to say random shit no one really cares about. I’ve been on my own lately. Not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks. It’s a waste of my time and energy. I try my best to be nice and change to make people happy. Really, bullshit. Just came to realization that I don’t change for anyone. I’m fine being myself. I don’t give a fuck about my grammatical equations! This is a blog for heaven’s sake. Fuck off. Being so fucking stressed out and overwhelming myself with nonsense is not good the to body! Yeah, what! I make no sense. Asian, yes that’s what I am. Deal with it mother fuckers. Sick and tired of everyone identifying all the asianness in me. Don’t fucking call me Asian or fucking bring shit up. Call me by my first name only. Suzanne. You don’t what me to call you a white trash American who has no fucking game… Now do you? I didn’t think so. So, keep your mother fucking shit to yourself, and leave me the fuck alone. Backstab me! I haven’t felt anything. Just irritated with society. 1 and a half year and I’m saying deuces!

Those are my thoughts, for now.

Now, who wants to sip tea and bitch?

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I am so mentally, and emotionally exhausted that I don’t feel the need to do anything anymore. I don’t want to breathe and be alive. I just want to sleep forever. I’m learning to leave things the way they are. No more trying to change anything. I’ll just learn to shut my mouth, and not say anything. It’s draining all of my energy. I just miss how I used to be. I’m just dreaming. That’s all. 

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